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All kittens reserved
Born: 30.05.2019
Reservation begins 23rd of July
Born: 11.06.2019
Reservation begins 31st of August
Born: 20.07.2019
Ready: 12.09.2019 Ready: 03.09.2019  Ready: 02.11.2019
Sire: Macrory Galax Sire: Margocha Justin of Macrory Sire: Margocha Justin of Macrory
Dam: Best Cat 2018 in Estonia, TGC
Elizabetes Caprice III of Macrory
Dam: Best Kitten 2018 in Estonia, DGC
Cadelonia Gentility of Macrory 
Dam: Macrory Dahlia

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Macrory Oleandra

Scottish Fold
Brown Spotted Torbie & White

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Macrory Olivero

Scottish Straight Longhair
Red Spotted Tabby

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Macrory Oakley

Scottish Fold
Red Classic Tabby

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Macrory Primula

Scottish Fold
Brown Mackerel Tabby

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Macrory Petunia

Scottish Straight
Brown Classic Torbie & White

Cattery reserve

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Macrory Panthera

Scottish Straight

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Macrory Phoenix

Scottish Straight
Blue Spotted Tabby

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Macrory Mr Q

Scottish Straight
Blue & White

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Macrory Quattro

Scottish Straight
Blue Mackerel & White

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Macrory Queen

Scottish Fold
Blue & White

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Macrory Queeny Bluesky

Scottish Fold
Blue Point

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 Kittens are ready for new homes at the age of 12-15 weeks. They are registered with TICA, have European passports, they are vaccinated, dewormed, with thermo microchip and pets are altered. They have been socialized with children and dogs. They know how to use the litter box (different kind), scratching post and eat dry feed.


PKD - polycystic kidney disease. A lethal autosomal disease that is quite common in the breed. All of our breeding cats are DNA-tested prior to mating to be sure they are not carriers!

PRA - progressive retinal atrophy. This disease is responsible for blindness in kittens. Our cats are tested so that your kitten could never develop such a disease!

 You can get a kitten from us to be your best friend as a pet or for showing and breeding. Let us know your wishes. Breeder guarantees lifetime help with raising, showing or breeding. 

Our cats live freely without cages.

Macrory Cattery is registered with TICA and WCF. We have joined with the Responsible Breeder Codecs and have an Outstanding Cattery distinction from The International Cat Association.


To get into our waiting list, please fill out the kitten form! 

  • If we decide to sell and the contract is made, prepayment 40-50% should be paid;
  • Prepayment is non-refundable;
  • If the class of the kitten for breeding will lower in time the kitten develops, the price of the kitten will lower as well. Any other agreements can be made;
  • Owner of this cattery has the right not to sell a reserved kitten if she decides so. In this case the prepayment is returned in full amount;
  • The transport costs are paid by the buyer. International shipping costs around 600-700 euros.